Monday, October 22, 2012

Glue Factory pictures by Lisa Craig

Video games were invented using military technology to simulate battle situations - we wanted to explore how torture and violence are used in entertainment, film, video and gaming. Where do we draw the line between reality and fantasy ? 
In October 2012 This Side of Paradise was located at the Glue Factory in Glasgow. Dudendance rehearsed the piece within the site and created a walk-though environment peopled by mutant creatures who created and destroyed themselves with wads of stuffing. The piece was set into adjoining spaces allowing the audience to see several spaces at once.
The morphing action builds into a slow motion full- scale fight choreography - the creatures eventually  smashed by Paul Rous's giant robot arms.  The piece ends with the creatures re-forming into mutant robot type figures continuing their never ending cycle of violence. 

Deborah May stuffs herself into hideous mis-shapes.

Cathi Sell moves through the floor unable to stand up.

Dora de Andrade manipulates and smashes a dummy before turning on the others. 

Slow motion fight....

Paul destroyer arms.

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